Thursday, September 4, 2003

over water --> on the road

so we are totally chillin hawaiian style, which has got to be the best of styles. everything here is beautiful, even the people match the ocean and the beaches. from all i'd heard of how developed it had become i wasn't expecting there to be so much natural beauty left, but it's all here. it's like the best parts of being in a foreign country with all the comforts of home.

we found ourselves a very nice little pad (furnished) and a vehicle (convertible) practically right away after we got here, it all worked out real well. rachel is still looking for a job, there's really not all that much that fits her needs (few hours, lots of time for the beach) but hopefully she'll find something soon... i started class last week and am really enjoying it, i'm taking database theory and artificial intelligence from uhawaii and operating systems through an online program at uillinois, which i think is how i ultimately want to get my degree... more on that as it develops.

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