Sunday, August 17, 2003

more aloha

so i think we're a-ok, we found a nice furnished place this week, got our digital cable working, might have even found a car. alas all this "stuff" has left little time for the real reason we're here, suntanning and surfing, but i guess the ocean will still be there once we're finished setting up shop. we (i) did have the most amazing gyoza the other day, the guy was just right there making it and he just fried up some up. so good. it's like tokyo + west palm beach here. i love it. have you heard of pidgin, the jamaican-style english the locals speak? we got "da jesus book" - the new testament - in pidgin. a big hit. "jesus feed four thousand guys: an he take da seven bread an da fish, and tank God fo um" or "jesus get love an aloha fo all da peopo inside jerusalem". can't wait to show you.

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