Tuesday, April 10, 2007

apostrophe is back!

getting my apostrophe back feels REAL good, thank you maxene's good, old-fashioned western-style hotel. by western-style, everyone still bows five times to you as you go up the escalator, but you get a real bed. mmmmm, real bed (rachel and i have crazy hip soreness from sleeping on the floor, i mean, "futon" mats). japan is just really japanese; if it's only an act it's an incredibly good one. we're in kyoto now, the old feudal capital, temples and samurai palaces by the dozen. if nate talks to you about trying to convert, tell him no, we can light incense, rinse our hands in fancy cups, and look at buddha any time he wants to. this time of year kyoto is full of japanese pilgrims here to visit the temples during the cherry blossom season, but everyone is still amazingly accomodating with him. apparently there is some serious anglo-baby-mania: rob told us a funny story about a friend who went to china to adopt a chinese baby and everyone who stopped to peak in the carriage was disgustedly disappointed.

i'm a bit delirious from japanese Contact (didn't know we even still made it), so this one will be this short. hopefully this cold will end with me... hope all is well with you, glad to hear sami is an official crawler, send us a picture! love, r&r&n

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