Tuesday, March 16, 2004


very happy to report that i have begun learning the ukulele. i'm taking this ridiculous community class, the teacher is this hawaiian-chinese self-taught 85-but-not-a-day-over-60 year old man. he told me about this friend of his who didn't speak any english when immigrating, so he just pointed to the guy in front of him when coming through customs. turns out the immigration officer was asking him his name, and the guy in front of him's name was greenspan, so the immigration officer just put down greenspan. so now there's a "greenspan's dry cleaning" in san francisco. my long lost chinese brother. sorry, i digress... man the class sounds bad, but it sure is fun to be learning hawaiian songs. whenever i pick up the guitar now it seems ridiculously big. rachel's even learning to hula. we're in.

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